Tv shows updating show information dating a man with spina bifida

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Tv shows updating show information

The title will be derived from the name of your top-level TV folder.

In these cases you will need to rename the files, or add a custom tvshowmatching regexp to deal with them.

You do not have to "set content" on the source or scan it into the library.

Just add it as a video file source, then use the context menu to remove the source again.

their folder is created, the episode name is 100% ok but kodi won't pick it up even if i update library or clean library and then update library. I think it'll be easier with an example that have happened lately.

When banshee's third season started a few weeks ago, the episode downloaded automatically into That would trigger a full shows refresh and at the end of the refresh the episode would appear.

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If the files appear to be correctly named, they may instead be matching the wrong pattern.

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